29 June 2017

The president’s mistress (The President’s Mistress)

To die at the Elysée Palace in the arms of your mistress in not a common story, this is what actually happened to Félix Faure, President of the IIIrd Republic, on February 16, 1899. For a century, this misfortune has made the […]
28 June 2017

Diabolique (Devilish)

Hélène meets Thomas, a charming 30 year-old full of energy and attention who quickly appears to be a providential man by taking care of Hélène’s problems, one by one. As a lover of old stones, a history of France buff, he even […]
27 June 2017

Zone blanche

Zone blanche is a crime show that takes place in Villefranche, a secluded small town deep inside a massive forest: a thousand-hectares green maze where signal is hard to get. This uncanny place has its own white zones, its crimes, disappearances and […]
27 June 2017

Faux coupable (False Culprit)

Louise, a simple young student, becomes the object of desire of an obsessive and fanatic lover, set on doing everything he can to win her over and have her. He harasses and eliminates anyone that stands in the way of his project. […]