27 June 2017

Les scientifiques du bout du monde (Scientist at the edge of the world)

What makes someone leave for the other side of the world? Why leave your house, your kids for sometimes dangerous, often long, and always gruelling missions? For the love of science and knowledge, that’s why! Because the desire to learn, to explain […]
26 June 2017

Alice Nevers @AliceNeversOfficiel

ALICE NEVERS: an unbeatable magistrate… In 1993, Pascale Breugnot created a television series for TF1, “Florence Larrieu : Le juge est une femme” (“Florence Larrieu : the judge is a woman”). The series’ 17 episodes aired from November 11, 1993 to May […]
26 June 2017

L’homme de la situation (The right man for the job)

It’s a travesty! He’s a good-for-nothing and yet, he’ll become the “right man for the job”. At 35, Alexandre never worked a day in his life and his situation would have remained the same if his father hadn’t decided to cut him […]
26 June 2017

Stan !

They call him the Charitable. Has Stanislas Leszczynski, the king who reigned without governing, this eternal exiled and eventually loved by his people, found out the recipe for being a perfect head of state? 2016 France is obviously not 1737 Lorraine, but […]