25 June 2017


Katz is a show about a terribly human family, incredibly excessive, charmingly dysfunctional and completely nuts. The Katz family is very welcoming but overbearing as well. Its warmth and comfort are loved, but you’ll need take a break from to catch a […]
25 June 2017


A blackout hits part of the North-East of France. A few hours later, 250 million Europeans are plunged in the darkness, with no light, no heater, all the bearings of modern life gone. What will Manu, surgeon at Strasbourg university hospital, do […]
25 June 2017

La plus belle course du monde (The Most Beautiful Race in the World)

Every July 1st in Mayotte, some 1500 participants run the tyre race. This massive popular fest, whose ambassadors are children, will take us on a journey to discover the colourful Maore society.
24 June 2017

Doc Martin

Season 4 recap: Episode 1: The village of Port Garrec is about to welcome kids from its Lower Saxony twin town Hamelin. However, dead rats are found in the streets. Panic grows in the village, who fears a new plague epidemic, and […]