EgoDoc productions documentaire 112 nuances de gris

La vie au grand âge (The old age life)

France 2

Production : 2019


Immersion in an old people's home a bit diffrent from the other. This is a co-operative. The firts of its kind. In Lépine, residents, employees, families are invested in the well functioning of the institution. Beyond economic problem, they have a common will : find a way to take charge of the old age ! We spent 2 years in Lépine, the time to catch emotions, understand possibilities and limits of change, to care for everyone and settle in en old people's home turned into an experimentation field...
By Anne Hirsch and Romain Hamdane.




Ego Doc
Olivier Wlodarczyk


Romain Hamdane

Anne Hirsch


Yannick Delhaye


Romain Hamdane


Marco Papazian

Matthieu Rabaté


Bruno Diego

Jean-Pierre Briat

Clément Cartallas

Patrick Mauroy