3 pères à la maison (3 Dads At Home)

Broadcast: M6 / 2004 - 2006

4 x 65 min



Episode 1
Caroline had planned it all: her trip to Tanzania for a humanitarian mission would be a formality. The kids had been briefed, the babysitter overseen, and house life organised. But everything collapses when the babysitter, ill, announces she won’t be able to come…

Episode 2
Caroline has no choice: she can’t impose on Arturo or one of her two exes a babysitter whenever she leaves the house, all the more as Arturo is in top shape and seems ready to give her her money’s worth. Finally, when Marie-Jo Gogin, an inspector from Child Protection Services, brings Stella back home, surrounded by two policemen, Arturo still has reasons to worry. It’s not easy to prove you’re a good father when your wife’s exes desperately attempt to show otherwise…

Episode 3
Arturo gets too big for his boots since the release of his new book about “new dads”, he became somewhat insufferable. He may be unbeatable about what a good father today is, it’s not helping him handling…his mother-in-law. Besides, Maggie, 55, a mix between international high-class and bomba Latina, feels rather quite at home. She’s even asked Tony and Alex to stay until Caroline’s back, to the delight of the kids…

The show is available on DVD.




Ego Productions
Pascale Breugnot


To Do Today





Pierre Palmade

Yvon Back

Daniel Russo

Anne Depetrini

Murielle Huet des Aunay

Clément Chbli

Manon Gaurin

Claire Nadeau


Stéphane Kappès


Loïc Belland

Catherine Monroy

Olivier Pouponneau

Vincent Mouluquet

Executif Producer

Pascal Wyn

Casting Direction

Gwendale Schmitz

Patrick Hella


Paco Wiser

Willy Stassen


Harrik Maury

Ricardo Castro

Production Direction

Serge Menard

Alain Bonnet


Paul Fayard

André Fonsny


Bénédicte Gellé

Denis Parot