C’est mieux la vie quand on est grand (Life's better when we grow up)

Broadcast: France 3 / 15 march 2008

90 min



Manu, aka “Zucchini”, is a 9 year-old boy, a dreamer full of innocence, who lives alone with his mother who’s too busy watching television than caring for him, leaving him alone. According to her, his dad left them to travel the world with another “chick” and Zucchini actually believes his dad is travelling the globe, a poultry by his side. Then, after a tragic set of circumstances, Zucchini loses his mother and becomes an orphan. Paradoxically, this tragedy opens news doors for him and his life. Put in a foster home, Zucchini and his touching innocence offer a child’s look on a world he discovers and is not afraid of. He builds strong friendships with his roommates, Rosy the nanny, the pretty Camilla he falls in love with… Above all, there’s Raymond, the police officer who took him to the foster home after the accident.

Zucchini will do everything he can to see this man again, hurt by the passing of his wife and struggling with his own son. Zucchini, armed with his disarming charm, will manage to bring them back together and at the same time, get adopted.




Ego Productions
Pascale Breugnot

Be Film




Daniel Russo

Anoine Fonck

Christine Citti

Delphine Salkin

Damien Dufour


Luc Béraud


Gabrielle Borille

Ivan Calbérac

d’après le roman de Gilles Paris

Executive Producer

Pascal Wyn

Casting Director

Gwendale Schmitz

Coralie Amedeo


Yves Lafaye


Bernard Ollivier

Production Direction

Alexandre Glenat


Michel Blaise


Alain Caron