2 May 2019

Graines d’orchestre (Budding orchestra)

They are 80 young people between the age of 10 and 21, they arrived from every corner of the Bourgogne and Franche-Comté countryside and most of them don’t know each other. They can play in marching bands, be students in local music […]
2 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire La Relève

The take over

The story of woman coming from somewhere else, another land, another world. The story of a woman who left Romania to comme and settle in Sarthe (France). Because here, she’s being needed. Iuliana is a doctor. She spares her days between appointments […]
1 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Les invalides

Les Invalides, house of the wounded

The Invalides gloden crown is seen from the far, it sparkles in Paris’ sky for more than 300 years. Invalides is a landmark for Parisians, an inevitable place for tourists. In the shade of this historic building, the National Institute of Invalides. […]
8 February 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Travail Nomade

Mobile working adventurers

Employees without an office, mobile workers, freelances…they are the faces of a deep transformation of the working world, a growing phenomenon. Moile working, outside compagnies walls. A work revolution that make some people dream and frighten others. Some see there a new […]