28 May 2018

The Mystery of Hitler’s death

March 8, 1945 the Nazis surrender. Hitler committed suicide in his bunker to escape the Red Army’s soldier who came in to Berlin. More than 70 years later, grey areas remain. What happened to his body? Did he really die in his […]
17 November 2017

Gilbert Montagné, le visionnaire (Gilbert Montagné, the visionary)

Gilbert Montagné managed since his young age to overcome his visual impairment to build his dream to be an artist and then he used his fame to help the cause of handicap. To make people with visual impairment more autonomous and dignified, […]
17 November 2017

Si Versailles m’était conté (If I was told Versailles)

This is the absolute symbol of outrageousness: 2.300 rooms, 250.000 flowers planted every year, 45 kilometers of paths, 2000 ponds and fountains. The Château de Versailles extol the glory of France for more than three centuries. Designated a World Heritage Site for […]
30 June 2017

Parcs nationaux, quand la nature fait recette

Who would have thought that marmots, deers or ibexes can bring in hundreds of millions of euros, just by freely and peacefully living in their environment? France has ten National Parks. Since their creation, from 1963, they preserve areas and species for […]