27 June 2019

Homothérapies, conversion forcée (Homotherapies, forced conversion)

In 2019, we are still trying to cure homosexual people. Leaning on networks from the United-States, inspired by christianism and psychoanalysis to justify “conversion therapies”, this investigation reveals devestating practices which stay under public european authorities’ radar. Documentary by Bernard Nicolas.
3 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire 112 nuances de gris

La vie au grand âge (The old age life)

Immersion in an old people’s home a bit diffrent from the other. This is a co-operative. The firts of its kind. In Lépine, residents, employees, families are invested in the well functioning of the institution. Beyond economic problem, they have a common […]
3 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Travail Nomade

Mobile working adventurers

Employees without an office, mobile workers, freelances…they are the faces of a deep transformation of the working world, a growing phenomenon. Moile working, outside compagnies walls. A work revolution that make some people dream and frighten others. Some see there a new […]
3 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Classe de neige au Pôle Nord

Snow class at the North Pole

Déborah Pardo, 31 years-old, sientist, international specialist of Albatros, launched the projet « Sentinelles de l’Arctique », a wonderful human adventure : take children to the north pole to give them the will to love and protect our planet. For them, with […]