2 January 2020
EgoDoc productions documentaire Sacrés Reliques le business du religieux

Sacred relics, religious business

In Lourdes as anywhere else and whether it is holly water, rosaries, Chirst crosses or relics locked in their precious reliquaries, everything is trade at high price, sometimes clandestinaly. Wheter those objects are real…or forgery ! Believers pay for every sides of […]
1 January 2020

Le pacte de la terre (The ground pact)

« Le pacte de la terre (The ground pact) » by Jean-François Méplon enlightens problems encountered by the French rural world. Social, and above all human film, « Le pacte de la terre (The ground pact) » speaks about men and women […]
27 June 2019

Homothérapies, conversion forcée (Homotherapies, forced conversion)

In 2019, we are still trying to cure homosexual people. Leaning on networks from the United-States, inspired by christianism and psychoanalysis to justify “conversion therapies”, this investigation reveals devestating practices which stay under public european authorities’ radar. Documentary by Bernard Nicolas.
3 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire 112 nuances de gris

La vie au grand âge (The old age life)

Immersion in an old people’s home a bit diffrent from the other. This is a co-operative. The firts of its kind. In Lépine, residents, employees, families are invested in the well functioning of the institution. Beyond economic problem, they have a common […]