8 February 2019

Le légiste des poilus (The “Poilus” medical examiner)

Usually in France, when the medical examiner is called to study human bones, there is a crimimal case going on. Not in verdun. Here this is routine work. An amezing one… Doctor Bruno Frémont, who perform for thirty years at the city […]
8 February 2019

La campagne de mon père (My father’s countryside)

The situation deteriorated slowly, along the years, seasons, people moving away. Until the school close. Too much for Gaëtan Leclerc, mayor of a small village called Pouylebon, in Gers (France). Gaëtan Leclerc is also my father. He realises that with this school, […]
8 February 2019

I love Guéret

The filmmaker take you to “the most remote place in France” : Guéret. Repetedly mocked by national press, the city in Creuse deserve yet a kind eye. Behind those grey walls everyone pictures are living funny, moving and caring people. Nobody denies […]
28 May 2018

The Mystery of Hitler’s death

March 8, 1945 the Nazis surrender. Hitler committed suicide in his bunker to escape the Red Army’s soldier who came in to Berlin. More than 70 years later, grey areas remain. What happened to his body? Did he really die in his […]