17 November 2017

Si Versailles m’était conté (If I was told Versailles)

This is the absolute symbol of outrageousness: 2.300 rooms, 250.000 flowers planted every year, 45 kilometers of paths, 2000 ponds and fountains. The Château de Versailles extol the glory of France for more than three centuries. Designated a World Heritage Site for […]
30 June 2017

Parcs nationaux, quand la nature fait recette

Who would have thought that marmots, deers or ibexes can bring in hundreds of millions of euros, just by freely and peacefully living in their environment? France has ten National Parks. Since their creation, from 1963, they preserve areas and species for […]
30 June 2017

Le prof de gym (The Gym Teacher)

Portrait of a gym teacher who uses his class as a space of freedom and artistic expression for his students. He tries to support their emancipation and fight prejudice through modern dance. Luchon Festival: Best Documentary Saint-Quentin Festival: Cinéma Prize Zeroplus Festival […]
30 June 2017

Vents contraires (Headwinds)

Three top drivers get ready for a road movie aboard vintage-looking vehicles. All three follow a common goal: track red-handed acts of resistance and change, those they call “headwinds”. 2016 Ecran Public Winner in the Education category.