25 June 2017

La plus belle course du monde (The Most Beautiful Race in the World)

Every July 1st in Mayotte, some 1500 participants run the tyre race. This massive popular fest, whose ambassadors are children, will take us on a journey to discover the colourful Maore society.
24 June 2017

Buttes-Chaumont: the legendary studio

The 50’s, where television was invented… 40 years of French Television, with television personalities Michel Drucker, Christophe Dechavanne, Pascal Légitimus, Marion Sarraut and Marcel Bluwal.
23 June 2017

Lessons in Chinese propaganda in a forbidden zone

Xinjiang overflows with natural resources essential for China: oil, gold, gas… Two film directors managed to enter an official Chinese procession visiting this province, allowing us to discover from the inside how Chinese propaganda works in a region on the brink of […]
22 June 2017

Guillaume au Pays des Merveilles (Guillaume in Wonderland)

If some stories start well, this one starts with an abduction, the abduction of Guillaume from his A.P.F (Association des Paralysés de France – Disabled Association of France) home. Guillaume has motor disability since birth. He’s turning 50 in 2013 and for […]