21 June 2017

Les enfants de la juge (The Judge’s Children)

After raising 17 kids, Catherine de la Hougue, 50, decides to give up her job as a pastry chef to become a juvenile court judge. This unusual judge practices in a rural zone and bets all her chips on prevention.
19 June 2017

La confiture dans tous ses états (Jam in a state)

Jam is a symbol of French culture, it represents a firm cultural patrimony, a traditional savoir-faire transmitted in certain family from generation to generation. Nonetheless, jam market is also a thriving economy. From Christine Ferber “the jam fairy” to Lucine Georgelin, let’s […]
18 June 2017

Marianne Oswald

That voice was a scream. That voice unleashed the passion of the pre-war French audience. That voice inspired the brightest intellectuals of its time. That voice revolutionised the protest song. That voice was Marianne Oswald’s.
17 June 2017

Mon curé est congolais (My Priest is Congolese)

Barthélémy Bini is priest of a dozen parishes in Haute-Vienne, and he’s from Congo. Armed with a lot of humour, he answers to his believers, who do not know about the DRC, that he’s a priest from the Down Right Corner! His […]