21 June 2017

Les chanteurs d’Oiseaux (Birds’ Singers)

Their passion: bird singing. Their talent: their amazing imitations. Jean Boucault and Johnny Rasse have mastered the song of hundred species. In a word, they “speak” bird. ils parlent « oiseau ».
21 June 2017

Les enfants de la juge (The Judge’s Children)

After raising 17 kids, Catherine de la Hougue, 50, decides to give up her job as a pastry chef to become a juvenile court judge. This unusual judge practices in a rural zone and bets all her chips on prevention.
19 June 2017

La confiture dans tous ses états (Jam in a state)

Jam is a symbol of French culture, it represents a firm cultural patrimony, a traditional savoir-faire transmitted in certain family from generation to generation. Nonetheless, jam market is also a thriving economy. From Christine Ferber “the jam fairy” to Lucine Georgelin, let’s […]
18 June 2017

Marianne Oswald

That voice was a scream. That voice unleashed the passion of the pre-war French audience. That voice inspired the brightest intellectuals of its time. That voice revolutionised the protest song. That voice was Marianne Oswald’s.