16 June 2017
Retour au cahier, le cri d’Aimé Césaire

Retour au cahier, le cri d’Aimé Césaire (Notebook of a Return…)

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Aimé Césaire, this movie offers to tell the genesis of his hard-hitting book “Notebook of a Return to the Native Land”. A poetic scream which laid foundations to black consciousness while denouncing colonialism, racism and voluntary […]
15 June 2017

Noirs et Blancs en couleurs (Black and White in Colours)

France has been a de facto multicultural society for a long time. Still, why are there so few black actors and directors in French Cinema? From the borders of the hexagon, to the US, to Overseas territories, let’s meet with directors, actors […]
14 June 2017

Ça tourne en Outre Mer (They’re rolling Overseas)

For many years, Overseas Cinema has revisited themes linked to its own history (colonisation, slavery) with some huge success, like Euzhan Palçi’s “Rue Cases-Nègres” or Nèg Marrons and Jean-Claude Barny’s “Tropiques Amers”. With a new generation of directors coming around in the […]
13 June 2017

On s’était dit, il y a trente ans (Let’s Meet 30 Years Ago)

Six friends between 14 and 16. In this exclusive 1981 movie, we get to see them paint the town red in their run-down projects behind the splendour of the Côte d’Azur. Their life is difficult but their head is full of dreams. […]