12 June 2017

Local Destiny, the raiders of the plateau

In this exclusive 1971 film, a dozen young idealists decide to leave Paris for a mythical return to Earth. We’ve found them again 40 years later… Pioneers of the organic trend in France and solidarity economy, they managed to take roots coming […]
10 June 2017

Michèle Mercier, l’insoumise (Michèle Mercier, unchained)

The amazingly quixotic story of a 60/70’s star whose character Angélique Marquise des Anges went all over the world, but most of all cast a huge shadow on Michèle Mercier’s career, even as she worked with the brightest directors: Truffaut, Melville, Audiard, […]
9 June 2017

Le retour de la beat génération (The Return of the Beat Generation)

What does it mean to be “beat”? Why was Jack Kerouac more conservative than beatnik? Fascinating dive into the world of the Beat Generation.
8 June 2017

Le festin de Noël (Christmas Feast)

Coming off strong off their worldwide fame, 7 starred chefs from different regions of France have decided to pay homage to their local producers by inviting them to an exceptional feast!