25 June 2017


A blackout hits part of the North-East of France. A few hours later, 250 million Europeans are plunged in the darkness, with no light, no heater, all the bearings of modern life gone. What will Manu, surgeon at Strasbourg university hospital, do […]
24 June 2017

L’homme de la situation – Irène (The right man for the job: Irene)

Charles Beaumont is victim of a real estate scam in his own company, set by his partner, and ask Alex to visit an old friend of his, Irène Saint Sabin – a very influential haute-couture company director – to help him out. […]
23 June 2017

Notre dame des barjots (Our lady of nutjobs)

Véra Cabral works in a psychiatry emergency intervention unit. Her boss, Edouard Russel, usually obnoxious and full of himself, waits outside of her door one night, in tears, to ask her a big favour: his son is wandering in his room, in […]
22 June 2017

L’homme de la situation – L’as du palace (King of the Palace)

Alex finally gets a job allowing him to make a living and no longer lives with his father Charles. He’s about to work in a grand hotel. It’s not an easy leap to make when you’re allergic to working and have been […]