18 June 2017

Le porteur de cartable (The backpack’s carrier)

Paris, March 1962. The end of the Algerian War nearing, Omar, ten years old and National Liberal Front’s backpack carrier, goes on his round of collection to activists from the Turbigo network. His ideas are very clear, until the day when his […]
17 June 2017
LUNE ROUSSE - Olivier SITRUK (Garick), Sophie BROUSTAL (Morgane) et Arnaud BINARD (Cayatte) - Réalisation: Laurent Dussaux

Lune rousse

Morgane, 30, is a criminal psychologist. The bloody murder of her grandmother, an illeterate old woman, brings her back to her childhood’s town, from where she had ran away when she was 15. The presumed murderer has been arrested; rumours had it […]
16 June 2017
DANS LA GUEULE DU LOUP - Ego Productions

Dans la gueule du loup (In the Lion’s Den)

Clotilde Chambord, a young journalist working for a weekly newspaper, has been investigating for several months on the activity of a business man, as mysterious as he is powerful. Jean-Pierre Gallois is a middleman in the financial package of sensitive operations abroad. […]
15 June 2017

Les ex font la loi (The Law of the Exes)

As a couple, divorce is already a tough phase, and if after two years of separation, this couple must work together again, it can quickly turn into a nightmare… This is the life of Clémence, judge, and her ex-husband Guillaume, a cop. […]