3 April 2019

Alice Nevers season 16 broadcast.

Broadcast of Alice Nervers’ next season (16) is scheduled for mid-may on TF1 TV channel. Follow us on @AliceNeversOfficiel and stay updated on Alice Nevers’ news.
2 April 2019

Broadcast of Zone Blanche Season 2

After being broadcasted on France 2 TV channel, Zone Blanche will be soon available on VOD platform.
7 February 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Les invalides

Coming soon on France 3 Paris Ile-de-France : « Les Invalides, la maison des blessés » by Myriam Kebani

The Invalides gloden crown is seen from the far, it sparkles in Paris’ sky for more than 300 years. Invalides is a landmark for Parisians, an inevitable place for tourists. In the shade of this historic building, the National Institute of Invalides. […]
7 February 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire La Relève

Coming soon sur France 3 Pays-de-la-Loire « La relève » by Christelle Leroux

The story of woman coming from somewhere else, another land, another world. The story of a woman who left Romania to comme and settle in Sarthe (France). Because here, she’s being needed. Iuliana is a doctor. She spares her days between appointments […]