EgoDoc productions documentaire Classe de neige au Pôle Nord

Classe de neige au Pôle-Nord (Snow class at the North Pole)

France 3 Sud-Est

Production : 2019


Déborah Pardo, 31 years-old, sientist, international specialist of Albatros, launched the projet « Sentinelles de l’Arctique », a wonderful human adventure : take children to the north pole to give them the will to love and protect our planet.
For them, with the fondation « Apprentis d’Auteuil », she imagined an insane project ! For a year, our PhD in biology is going to work with 4 classes of Vitigliano school in Marseille. She is going to initiate them to ecology, make them discover climate change, raise their awareness of then human part in it and finaly, take 16 of them to discover the Spitzberg, the North Pole !
And in this amazing school in Marseille, which use this project as the foundation of the education, this project is supported by all.
By Sylvie Cenci.






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