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3 April 2019

Alice Nevers season 16 broadcast.

Broadcast of Alice Nervers’ next season (16) is scheduled for mid-may on TF1 TV channel. Follow us on @AliceNeversOfficiel and stay updated on Alice Nevers’ news.
2 April 2019

Broadcast of Zone Blanche Season 2

After being broadcasted on France 2 TV channel, Zone Blanche will be soon available on VOD platform.
7 February 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Les invalides

Coming soon on France 3 Paris Ile-de-France : « Les Invalides, la maison des blessés » by Myriam Kebani

The Invalides gloden crown is seen from the far, it sparkles in Paris’ sky for more than 300 years. Invalides is a landmark for Parisians, an inevitable place for tourists. In the shade of this historic building, the National Institute of Invalides. […]
7 February 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire La Relève

Coming soon sur France 3 Pays-de-la-Loire « La relève » by Christelle Leroux

The story of woman coming from somewhere else, another land, another world. The story of a woman who left Romania to comme and settle in Sarthe (France). Because here, she’s being needed. Iuliana is a doctor. She spares her days between appointments […]
7 February 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Je fais un rêve

Coming soon France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine : « Je fais un rêve » by Anne-Valérie Jara, written with Antoine Dabin

We all have child’s dreams. But for severely ill children, to fulfil their dearest dream becomes an emergency while they are trapped in their rooms, sometimes in their own bodies…At Bordeaux, the Regional Association Aladin ask those children to draw their dream […]