In production:

29 June 2020

La ville des murmures (Whispers city)

If there is a better city in which to live when we are deaf, it’s Toulouse ! For several years, every thing is done to help deaf people to settle in the life of the city. The city created the first bilingual […]
29 June 2020

L’âge d’or de la coloc (Roomies golden age)

In 2040, 1 in 3 French people will be over 65 years old. Never happened ! In Nantes, a few friends imagined to live this time together, as roomates. Waiting for it, they offer to single, able-bodied, retired persons to become the […]
29 June 2020

La Noix nous fait craquer (Nut makes us go nuts)

Grown for centuries, the popularity of walnuts is now strong. Walnuts are nos longer automn snacks or dedicated to cakes. They are celebrated as a major part of French heritage and as a source of protein full of qualities. The media hype […]

Our productions:

2 January 2020
EgoDoc productions documentaire Sacrés Reliques le business du religieux

Sacred relics, religious business

In Lourdes as anywhere else and whether it is holly water, rosaries, Chirst crosses or relics locked in their precious reliquaries, everything is trade at high price, sometimes clandestinaly. Wheter those objects are real…or forgery ! Believers pay for every sides of […]
1 January 2020

Le pacte de la terre (The ground pact)

« Le pacte de la terre (The ground pact) » by Jean-François Méplon enlightens problems encountered by the French rural world. Social, and above all human film, « Le pacte de la terre (The ground pact) » speaks about men and women […]
27 June 2019

Homothérapies, conversion forcée (Homotherapies, forced conversion)

In 2019, we are still trying to cure homosexual people. Leaning on networks from the United-States, inspired by christianism and psychoanalysis to justify “conversion therapies”, this investigation reveals devestating practices which stay under public european authorities’ radar. Documentary by Bernard Nicolas.
3 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire 112 nuances de gris

La vie au grand âge (The old age life)

Immersion in an old people’s home a bit diffrent from the other. This is a co-operative. The firts of its kind. In Lépine, residents, employees, families are invested in the well functioning of the institution. Beyond economic problem, they have a common […]
3 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Travail Nomade

Mobile working adventurers

Employees without an office, mobile workers, freelances…they are the faces of a deep transformation of the working world, a growing phenomenon. Moile working, outside compagnies walls. A work revolution that make some people dream and frighten others. Some see there a new […]
3 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Classe de neige au Pôle Nord

Snow class at the North Pole

Déborah Pardo, 31 years-old, sientist, international specialist of Albatros, launched the projet « Sentinelles de l’Arctique », a wonderful human adventure : take children to the north pole to give them the will to love and protect our planet. For them, with […]
2 May 2019

Graines d’orchestre (Budding orchestra)

They are 80 young people between the age of 10 and 21, they arrived from every corner of the Bourgogne and Franche-Comté countryside and most of them don’t know each other. They can play in marching bands, be students in local music […]
2 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire La Relève

The take over

The story of woman coming from somewhere else, another land, another world. The story of a woman who left Romania to comme and settle in Sarthe (France). Because here, she’s being needed. Iuliana is a doctor. She spares her days between appointments […]
1 May 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Les invalides

Les Invalides, house of the wounded

The Invalides gloden crown is seen from the far, it sparkles in Paris’ sky for more than 300 years. Invalides is a landmark for Parisians, an inevitable place for tourists. In the shade of this historic building, the National Institute of Invalides. […]
8 February 2019
EgoDoc productions documentaire Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France

Marathon to become Best Worker in France

They are the best in their field and were accepted to attend Best Worker in France contest finals. To try to win the title, they decided to give it all in a several months long marathon. Get that title is getting the […]
8 February 2019

Le légiste des poilus (The “Poilus” medical examiner)

Usually in France, when the medical examiner is called to study human bones, there is a crimimal case going on. Not in verdun. Here this is routine work. An amezing one… Doctor Bruno Frémont, who perform for thirty years at the city […]
8 February 2019

La campagne de mon père (My father’s countryside)

The situation deteriorated slowly, along the years, seasons, people moving away. Until the school close. Too much for Gaëtan Leclerc, mayor of a small village called Pouylebon, in Gers (France). Gaëtan Leclerc is also my father. He realises that with this school, […]
8 February 2019

I love Guéret

The filmmaker take you to “the most remote place in France” : Guéret. Repetedly mocked by national press, the city in Creuse deserve yet a kind eye. Behind those grey walls everyone pictures are living funny, moving and caring people. Nobody denies […]
28 May 2018

The Mystery of Hitler’s death

March 8, 1945 the Nazis surrender. Hitler committed suicide in his bunker to escape the Red Army’s soldier who came in to Berlin. More than 70 years later, grey areas remain. What happened to his body? Did he really die in his […]
17 November 2017

Gilbert Montagné, le visionnaire (Gilbert Montagné, the visionary)

Gilbert Montagné managed since his young age to overcome his visual impairment to build his dream to be an artist and then he used his fame to help the cause of handicap. To make people with visual impairment more autonomous and dignified, […]
17 November 2017

Si Versailles m’était conté (If I was told Versailles)

This is the absolute symbol of outrageousness: 2.300 rooms, 250.000 flowers planted every year, 45 kilometers of paths, 2000 ponds and fountains. The Château de Versailles extol the glory of France for more than three centuries. Designated a World Heritage Site for […]
30 June 2017

Parcs nationaux, quand la nature fait recette

Who would have thought that marmots, deers or ibexes can bring in hundreds of millions of euros, just by freely and peacefully living in their environment? France has ten National Parks. Since their creation, from 1963, they preserve areas and species for […]
30 June 2017

Le prof de gym (The Gym Teacher)

Portrait of a gym teacher who uses his class as a space of freedom and artistic expression for his students. He tries to support their emancipation and fight prejudice through modern dance. Luchon Festival: Best Documentary Saint-Quentin Festival: Cinéma Prize Zeroplus Festival […]
30 June 2017

Vents contraires (Headwinds)

Three top drivers get ready for a road movie aboard vintage-looking vehicles. All three follow a common goal: track red-handed acts of resistance and change, those they call “headwinds”. 2016 Ecran Public Winner in the Education category.
30 June 2017

Econome sweet home

Throughout France, for economic or ecological reasons, men and women are freeing themselves from traditional distribution circuits as much as they can. Even in winter, those neo-consumers produce their own food and electricity to spend as little as possible, save the planet […]
27 June 2017

Les scientifiques du bout du monde (Scientist at the edge of the world)

What makes someone leave for the other side of the world? Why leave your house, your kids for sometimes dangerous, often long, and always gruelling missions? For the love of science and knowledge, that’s why! Because the desire to learn, to explain […]
26 June 2017

Stan !

They call him the Charitable. Has Stanislas Leszczynski, the king who reigned without governing, this eternal exiled and eventually loved by his people, found out the recipe for being a perfect head of state? 2016 France is obviously not 1737 Lorraine, but […]
25 June 2017

La plus belle course du monde (The Most Beautiful Race in the World)

Every July 1st in Mayotte, some 1500 participants run the tyre race. This massive popular fest, whose ambassadors are children, will take us on a journey to discover the colourful Maore society.
24 June 2017

Buttes-Chaumont: the legendary studio

The 50’s, where television was invented… 40 years of French Television, with television personalities Michel Drucker, Christophe Dechavanne, Pascal Légitimus, Marion Sarraut and Marcel Bluwal.
23 June 2017

Lessons in Chinese propaganda in a forbidden zone

Xinjiang overflows with natural resources essential for China: oil, gold, gas… Two film directors managed to enter an official Chinese procession visiting this province, allowing us to discover from the inside how Chinese propaganda works in a region on the brink of […]
22 June 2017

Guillaume au Pays des Merveilles (Guillaume in Wonderland)

If some stories start well, this one starts with an abduction, the abduction of Guillaume from his A.P.F (Association des Paralysés de France – Disabled Association of France) home. Guillaume has motor disability since birth. He’s turning 50 in 2013 and for […]
21 June 2017

Les chanteurs d’Oiseaux (Birds’ Singers)

Their passion: bird singing. Their talent: their amazing imitations. Jean Boucault and Johnny Rasse have mastered the song of hundred species. In a word, they “speak” bird. ils parlent « oiseau ».
21 June 2017

Les enfants de la juge (The Judge’s Children)

After raising 17 kids, Catherine de la Hougue, 50, decides to give up her job as a pastry chef to become a juvenile court judge. This unusual judge practices in a rural zone and bets all her chips on prevention.
19 June 2017

La confiture dans tous ses états (Jam in a state)

Jam is a symbol of French culture, it represents a firm cultural patrimony, a traditional savoir-faire transmitted in certain family from generation to generation. Nonetheless, jam market is also a thriving economy. From Christine Ferber “the jam fairy” to Lucine Georgelin, let’s […]
18 June 2017

Marianne Oswald

That voice was a scream. That voice unleashed the passion of the pre-war French audience. That voice inspired the brightest intellectuals of its time. That voice revolutionised the protest song. That voice was Marianne Oswald’s.
17 June 2017

Mon curé est congolais (My Priest is Congolese)

Barthélémy Bini is priest of a dozen parishes in Haute-Vienne, and he’s from Congo. Armed with a lot of humour, he answers to his believers, who do not know about the DRC, that he’s a priest from the Down Right Corner! His […]
16 June 2017
Retour au cahier, le cri d’Aimé Césaire

Retour au cahier, le cri d’Aimé Césaire (Notebook of a Return…)

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Aimé Césaire, this movie offers to tell the genesis of his hard-hitting book “Notebook of a Return to the Native Land”. A poetic scream which laid foundations to black consciousness while denouncing colonialism, racism and voluntary […]
15 June 2017

Noirs et Blancs en couleurs (Black and White in Colours)

France has been a de facto multicultural society for a long time. Still, why are there so few black actors and directors in French Cinema? From the borders of the hexagon, to the US, to Overseas territories, let’s meet with directors, actors […]
14 June 2017

Ça tourne en Outre Mer (They’re rolling Overseas)

For many years, Overseas Cinema has revisited themes linked to its own history (colonisation, slavery) with some huge success, like Euzhan Palçi’s “Rue Cases-Nègres” or Nèg Marrons and Jean-Claude Barny’s “Tropiques Amers”. With a new generation of directors coming around in the […]
13 June 2017

On s’était dit, il y a trente ans (Let’s Meet 30 Years Ago)

Six friends between 14 and 16. In this exclusive 1981 movie, we get to see them paint the town red in their run-down projects behind the splendour of the Côte d’Azur. Their life is difficult but their head is full of dreams. […]
12 June 2017

Local Destiny, the raiders of the plateau

In this exclusive 1971 film, a dozen young idealists decide to leave Paris for a mythical return to Earth. We’ve found them again 40 years later… Pioneers of the organic trend in France and solidarity economy, they managed to take roots coming […]
10 June 2017

Michèle Mercier, l’insoumise (Michèle Mercier, unchained)

The amazingly quixotic story of a 60/70’s star whose character Angélique Marquise des Anges went all over the world, but most of all cast a huge shadow on Michèle Mercier’s career, even as she worked with the brightest directors: Truffaut, Melville, Audiard, […]
9 June 2017

Le retour de la beat génération (The Return of the Beat Generation)

What does it mean to be “beat”? Why was Jack Kerouac more conservative than beatnik? Fascinating dive into the world of the Beat Generation.
8 June 2017

Le festin de Noël (Christmas Feast)

Coming off strong off their worldwide fame, 7 starred chefs from different regions of France have decided to pay homage to their local producers by inviting them to an exceptional feast!