Fête de famille (Family Fest)

Broadcast: France 2 / march 2006

6 x 52 min



Episode 1:
The whole family is getting ready to celebrate Colette’s birthday. Between the party’s preparations and everyone’s problems, the tension builds. Indeed, Marc learns he’s ruined, Charlotte stresses about announcing she’s getting married and hell breaks loose between Odile and Gérald. When the family finally gets together, Colette announces she’s in love with Richard and promptly leave the house, leaving everyone baffled.

Episode 2:
The family is shocked Colette’s gone and Charlotte resigns herself to cancelling her wedding. Francis vanishes. Marc sees his last way of getting out of bankruptcy disappear, Odile finds a box of condoms in Gérald’s car. As for Charlotte and Newton, they decide to elope. Alone and desperate, Marc swallows some pills.

Episode 3:
Marc is slowly getting better. The family is in shambles. Francis is overwhelmed, Yvan is furious, and Charlotte starts to seriously doubt her couple. As for Odile, she wakes up to Gérald’s infidelity and kicks him out. Back from the hospital, Betty and Marc discover their apartment is empty, cleared out by the bailiffs. Francis destroys his electric train, ending his life’s passion.

Episode 4:
While Betty is more than never supporting Marc and decides to take charge of her professional life, a let-down Florence finds comfort into Olivier’s arms, a psychiatrist. Colette introduces Richard to her children, but things go awry…
Couples drifting away, Odile and Gérald are lost, Yvan and Monica keep fighting and making up. As for Charlotte, by refusing to go on honeymoon with Newton, ends their relationship. Suddenly, Patrick Baudoin, an old buddy of Marc announces the forced sale of the family home.

Episode 5:
While the family is trying to find a way to save the house, Florence grieves her relationship with Marc, to Lou’s great despair, Odile meets a charming babysitter and Charlotte is desperately trying to salvage her relationship with Newton. Francis ends up in the hospital following a fake fainting fit, in order to exclude Baudoin from the house sale. But against all expectations, Richard promptly buys the house.

Episode 6:
Charlotte and Newton made up and are preparing their wedding. After a magical romance with the babysitter, Odile accepts to give Gérald another chance, while Florence learns she’s pregnant. Everything seems to get better for Betty and Marc. The only ones unhappy are Yvan and Monica, who can’t seem to get along. Francis has cancer and decides to get an operation in secret. Will he make it to the wedding?




Ego Productions
Pascale Breugnot

Be Film




Danièle Lebrun

Jean-Luc Bideau

Antoine Dulery

Camille Japy

François Vincentelli

Toinette Laquière

Marie-Sophie L

Mélanie Thierry

Jean-Michel Noirey

Loïc Corbery

Jacques Balutin


Lorenzo Gabriele


Bruno Dega

Jeanne Le Guillou

Executive Producer

Pascal Wyn

Casting Direction

Gwendale Schmitz


Thomas Letellier


Harald Maury

Production Direction

Jean-Marie Laurens


Denis Champenois


Marie Castro

Sophie-Catherine Cornu