MAROC : Tournage du telefilm "Jesus" sur TF1 - Ego Productions

01/09/1999 - MAROC : Arnaud Giovaninetti et Bernard Verley sur le tournage du telefilm "Jesus" realise par Serge Moati sur TF1



Broadcast: TF1 / 22 dec 1999

90 min



Jesus, son of God or simple prophet? For 2000 years, mankind has been asking this question, without finding an answer. Many believes in it, many doubt it… One thing is for certain: from that story, a religion, a faith were born, disrupting everything, changing the world. As the movie starts, Jesus has three years left to live. He’s 30 and wears a deep and thoughtful stare.

In the troubled waters of the Jordan River, John the Baptiser will reveal Jesus. He trusts him, helps him believe in himself, in his destiny. However, Jesus doubts, is he the son of God? He’ll asks himself this question until his last day. Despite himself, his power will grow. But this is not something the high priest Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin want. Caiaphas will do everything in his power to entrap Jesus, in his own trap, but to no avail… He’ll have to involve the Sanhedrin, taste blood and take down Jesus. They’ll sue him into yielding. He fell into his trap.

From Jesus’ death, a religion was born, still very strong after 2000 years. If they hadn’t killed Jesus, what would have happened?

The movie is available on DVD.




Ego Productions
Pascale Breugnot




Arnaud Giovaninetti

Hippolyte Girardot

Christophe Malavoy


Yann Collette

Bernard Verley

France Zobd

Ludmila Mikael

Tom Novembre


Serge Moati


Béatrice Rubinstein

Antoine Lorenzi

Jacques Duquesne

Executive Producer

Pascal Wyn

Casting Director

Gwendale Schmitz


Mario Barroso


Francis Baldos


Laurence Brenguier


Pascale Arnaud