L'homme de la situation (The right man for the job)


Broadcast: M6 / 15 dec 2011

Production : august - sept 2011

90 min



It’s a travesty! He’s a good-for-nothing and yet, he’ll become the “right man for the job”. At 35, Alexandre never worked a day in his life and his situation would have remained the same if his father hadn’t decided to cut him off completely. He’s single with no kids, jolly but fiercely selfish, and through fate and the necessity of his new materialistic contingencies, Alexandre will become Alice (11 months old), Rose (15 years old) and Noé’s (10 years old) babysitter. Their mom is Sophie, a young executive woman, freshly divorced. Alexandre’s irresponsibility, selfishness and awkwardness will set catastrophes in motion, to Sophie’s great displeasure, as she struggles with many problems from work.

One thing is for sure, those two have nothing in common and should have never crossed paths. And yet, against all odds, Alexandre will become for Sophie the man she can rely on, and Sophie and her kids will become the family Alexandre never had.




Ego Productions
Pascale Breugnot


Stéphane Plaza

Mathilde Lebrequier

Lubna Gourion

Enzo Tomasini

Guillaume Clémencin

Michel Jonasz


Didier Bivel


Stéphanie Kalfon

Alexis Miansarow

Claire Lemaréchal

Executive Producer

Pascal Wyn

Casting Director

Gwendale Schmitz


Marc Falchier


Bernard Borel

Production Direction

Jean-Christophe Cardineau

Michel Erard


Geoffroy Larcher


Françoise Roux