Tombé du ciel (Fallen from Heaven)

Broadcast: France 2 / dec 2006

8 x 52 min



Five years they had been waiting. It was supposed to be the happiest days of their live, they should be comparing carriages, pick a name… However, when the Department of Health and Social Security grants them the adoption of a child, Patrick and Chloé have been broken up for two months. Patrick remains convinced, they still love each other.

Chloé felt betrayed by Patrick. She wanted to open a bar-restaurant with her friends Florence, Rebecca and Sybille. Patrick tried everything to prevent her from her dream, so she left him. Then came Frédéric, Patrick’s friend and partner, whom she chose as her lover since the break-up, unbeknownst to Patrick. And now the baby is here, it’s a girl…a black girl.

So many questions, so many problems to solve, and not only theirs: Rosa and Joseph, Patrick’s parents, are very unhappy with a black child coming into their family. Agnès, Chloé’s mother, would rather stay on her island, tanning. As for Philippe, Patrick’s older brother, he has a tendency for racist and inappropriate jokes.

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Ego Productions
Pascale Breugnot

Be Film




Chloé Lambert

Alexandre Brasseur

Philippe Lelièvre

François Vincentelli

Gwendoline Hamon

Andréa Ferréol

Gérard Rinaldi


Stéphane Kappès


Claude Scasso

Virginie Boda

Caroline Thivel

Thierry Bourcy

Executive Producer

Pascal Wyn

Casting Direction

Gwendale Schmitz

Claude Daniel


Thierry Schwartz


Norbert Garcia

Bernard Ollivier

Production Direction

Alain Bonnet


Michel Blaise


Patrick Bouquet

Véronique Graule

Alain Caron