TV shows

27 June 2017

Zone blanche

Zone blanche is a crime show that takes place in Villefranche, a secluded small town deep inside a massive forest: a thousand-hectares green maze where signal is hard to get. This uncanny place has its own white zones, its crimes, disappearances and […]
26 June 2017

Alice Nevers @AliceNeversOfficiel

ALICE NEVERS: an unbeatable magistrate… In 1993, Pascale Breugnot created a television series for TF1, “Florence Larrieu : Le juge est une femme” (“Florence Larrieu : the judge is a woman”). The series’ 17 episodes aired from November 11, 1993 to May […]
25 June 2017


Katz is a show about a terribly human family, incredibly excessive, charmingly dysfunctional and completely nuts. The Katz family is very welcoming but overbearing as well. Its warmth and comfort are loved, but you’ll need take a break from to catch a […]
24 June 2017

Doc Martin

Season 4 recap: Episode 1: The village of Port Garrec is about to welcome kids from its Lower Saxony twin town Hamelin. However, dead rats are found in the streets. Panic grows in the village, who fears a new plague epidemic, and […]
23 June 2017

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is a rock band, 4 girls born at the end of the 60’s. Nowadays, Rita, Rachel, Muriel, and Stéphane are married, with kids or single, and have put away the guitars a while ago. They are confronted with a present […]
23 June 2017

Tombé du ciel (Fallen from Heaven)

Five years they had been waiting. It was supposed to be the happiest days of their live, they should be comparing carriages, pick a name… However, when the Department of Health and Social Security grants them the adoption of a child, Patrick […]
22 June 2017

Fête de famille (Family Fest)

Episode 1: The whole family is getting ready to celebrate Colette’s birthday. Between the party’s preparations and everyone’s problems, the tension builds. Indeed, Marc learns he’s ruined, Charlotte stresses about announcing she’s getting married and hell breaks loose between Odile and Gérald. […]
21 June 2017

La Battante (The Fighter)

After 14 years away, Anne Darcel and her 13 year-old Nina show up in Paris urgently: she has just saved a life, her mother Odette’s, who is waiting for a spinal cord transplant. After one last biological analysis before the transplant, Anne […]
20 June 2017

Une famille formidable (An Astounding Family)

This program has been created by Pascale Breugnot when she was still working at TF1. After taking over to give the show a second life in 1999, Ego Productions stepped down so the Beaumont family could continue standing on its own two […]
19 June 2017

3 pères à la maison (3 Dads At Home)

Episode 1: Caroline had planned it all: her trip to Tanzania for a humanitarian mission would be a formality. The kids had been briefed, the babysitter overseen, and house life organised. But everything collapses when the babysitter, ill, announces she won’t be […]
19 June 2017

Même âge même adresse (Same Age Same Adress)

Episode1 (Pilot): Jane, Manon, Thibault and Antoine are 4 friends in their early twenties. Inseparables and unpredictable, they’ll take us for a spin in the whirlwind of their lives, with the energy and urgency of their generation. When you’re 20, everything is […]