Zone blanche

2 seasons

Broadcast: april 2017 and february 2019

Production : 2017-2018

16 x 52 min



Zone blanche is a crime show that takes place in Villefranche, a secluded small town deep inside a massive forest: a thousand-hectares green maze where signal is hard to get.
This uncanny place has its own white zones, its crimes, disappearances and other mysteries to solve: tree sap turns blood red, a wolf guards a baby abandoned at the heart of the forest, a woman goes missing in a cave, an initiation rite goes awry, and the homicide rate is 16 times higher than the national average... but don't worry, everything is fine.
To watch over it, Villefranche has Major Laurène Weiss, a big-mouthed country girl strangely connected to Nature. As her investigations progress, she dives deeper and deeper into the woods, seeking to crack its secrets, first one being her own abduction 20 years earlier.
Gravitating around her are colourful characters: 3 officers with "attitude", her 17 years old daughter, a new prosecutor exiled there, a mayor desperate to save his city... and a group of environmentalist activists hidden in the forest. That's not to mention all of the other members of a community whose relationships are complex and antagonistic, but which can also be warm and united when the situation requires it.
Villefranche is a world falling apart from the inside, holding on for now, still ignoring that deep in the forest, a mysterious presence lives, waiting.

The show is available on DVD.




Ego Productions
Vincent Mouluquet
Pascale Breugnot


Associate producer :
Pierre Emmanuel Fleurantin


Suliane Brahim de la Comédie-Française

Hubert Delattre

Laurent Capelluto

Samuel Jouy

Renaud Rutten

Tiphaine Daviot

Camille Aguilar

Anne Suarez

Brigitte Sy

Samir Boitard

Olivier Bonjour

Thomas Doret

Dan Herzberg

Cyrielle Debreuil

With Naidra Ayadi


Thierry Poiraud

Julien Despaux

Artistic Direction

Mathieu Missoffe

Executive Producers

Pascal Wyn

André Bouvard

Casting Direction

Emmanuelle Prévost

Michaël Bier


Christophe Nuyens

Bruno Degrave


Alain Sironval

Grégoire Cousinier


Eddy Penot


Stéphane Elmadjan

Vincent Delorme

Mario Battistel

Natahlie Langlade