Alice Nevers

16 Seasons
13 episodes on TF1 from 1998 to 2019



Ego Productions
Pascale Breugnot
Vincent Mouluquet


Marine Delterme
Jean Michel Tinivelli
Gary Milheanu
Guillaume Carcaud



Collection direction

Claire Alexandrakis

Executive producers

Pascal Wyn

Casting direction

Gwendale Schmitz


Thierry Schwartz
Dominque Brenguier


Thierry Schwartz
Dominque Brenguier

Production direction

Marc Brunet


Michel Eric


Nicolas Reydon
Benédicte Gelle
Constance Alexandre
Hélène Deluze


ALICE NEVERS: an unbeatable magistrate...

In 1993, Pascale Breugnot created a television series for TF1, "Florence Larrieu : Le juge est une femme" ("Florence Larrieu : the judge is a woman"). The series’ 17 episodes aired from November 11, 1993 to May 13, 2002, with actress Florence Pernel as the examining magistrate Florence Larrieu. More than just a regular series, the show most closely resembled TV films with its 90-min format per episode, following our heroine in her various and distinctive investigations, always connected to current events and social reality. Throughout the years, Florence Pernel has been joined by actors Fréderic Diefenthal, Aurélien Wick and Patrick Catalifo.

On September 2, 2002, actress Marine Delterme took over the role and as such, the show was renamed: "Alice Nevers : Le juge est une femme". During following seasons, the show evolved to make time for more personal stories, added to the police investigation narratives. From then on, the new judge got assistance successively from actors Richaud Valls, Arnaud Binard and Alexandre Brasseur.
Season 5, aired in 2007, brought in some changes: episodes now last 52 min, and a new memorable character was introduced, Commandant Marquand, played by Jean-Michel Tinivelli. The show became serialized, and the romantic plot between Marquand and Alice was given more importance, while police investigations were still centred on current events and social reality. Since then, the show has been renamed "Alice Nevers" for simplicity and has grown into a 10-episode per season series.

Today, Alice Nevers represents:

  • 16 seasons, broadcasted by TF1,
  • 6 million viewers each season,
  • the 8th most viewed TV show in France in 2017,
  • "Best French TV show" by a 2015 poll from “Télé 2 semaines” readers,
  • 65.000 fans on Facebook

And the adventure continues...

The show is available on DVD.

S14E01 Recap "84 – Blood Ties":
Benjamin Desplat is found dead by the side of a country road. Why did this 21 years old, single, rearranged his Paris’ garret room so it could house a baby? On location, a single lead: a burnt letter from the association "Equality for Dads”... Marquand wants to help Alice adopt Ada, but does he really understand everything it entails?


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