Une famille formidable (An Astounding Family)

Seasons 4 and 5
Broadcast: TF1 / 2000 - 2002
Production : 1999 - 2002
6 x 90 min



Ego Productions
Pascale Breugnot


Anny Duperey
Bernard Lecoq
Philippe Khorsand
Jennifer Lauret
Roméo Sarfati
Cecile Caillaud
Alexandre Thibault
Béatrice Agenin
Cris Campion
Kamel Belghazi


Joël Santoni


Pierre Leyssieux
Jean-Carol Larrivé
Olivier Dutaillis
Joël Santoni
Marie-Luce David

Executive producers

Pascal Wyn

Casting direction

Marie-Christine Lafosse


Jean-Francis Gondre


Jean-Pierre Ruh

Production direction

Catherine Jurquet
Eric Dyonisius


Roseanna Sacco-Colas
Laurence Brenguier


Eva Zora
Florence Ricard


This program has been created by Pascale Breugnot when she was still working at TF1. After taking over to give the show a second life in 1999, Ego Productions stepped down so the Beaumont family could continue standing on its own two feet.

Season 4
The unthinkable has happened! Jacques was having so much success with his new restaurant, but another misstep convinced Catherine it was time to leave him. She wants a divorce all the more as Vincent, a younger musician madly in love, showed up in her life. Meanwhile, Richard met a young girl claiming she’s his daughter….
The trials of the astounding family have just started and continue during their holidays in Portugal. Frédérique, long betrothed to Sébastien, faints during the wedding, as she’s been in love with Nourredin, Jacques’ second, for a while. The wedding is called off and suddenly stops.
School has started and Catherine decides to follow her new lover to the US where he’ll direct a new musical. She decides to sell the family home, to Jacques’ outrage. She’ll never get to leave as on her way to the airport, she collapses, hit by a stray bullet from a bank robbery. She wakes up from her coma partially amnesiac.

Season 5
The Beaumont now live Paris. Catherine wants to take a step back from the family’s everyday life to focus more on enjoying life and Jacques. Obviously, nothing goes as they wanted, starting with Nourredine’s parents who show up unannounced, firmly set on bringing their son back home to marry him off.
Like every year, the Beaumont spend their holiday in Portugal. Jacques discovers he had a son with Lucia. How can he tell his family? Should he acknowledge paternity? Meanwhile, Richard, ex-hostage in Malaysia, suffer from OCD. As for Sébastien, he doesn’t know his new girlfriend is actually an escort paid by his mother…
Catherine has breast cancer and tell Jacques. They both decided not to tell their relative for now. How will the couple face Catherine’s disease, when every member of their family must solve their own problems?

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