MONDAY APRIL 12nd at 11:05pm ON France 2 "INFRA ROUGE" : broadcasting of the documentary "La vie au grand âge" (The old age life) by Anne Hirsch and Romain Hamdane

Immersion in a EHPAD (nursing home for elderly people) quite different. This one is a cooperative. In this nursing home, residents, employees, families are all invested in the institute functioning.  One goal : make the old age life a real life's age. This movie was shot before the sanitary crisis. It stays a prominent topic. This experiment could be an example to follow in order to initiate tomorrow's world.

Maurice is anxious. No one is happy to go into an EHPAD. Everyone knows, but never tells, this the end's place. But what about the time left ? Give up to dependency and infantilisation or remain a true actor of his own life and defy society's taboos, like death ? The Lépine Versailles EHPAD is a cooperative, the first of this kind, and there, there is no question about it. Residents, employees, families, they all have a word to say about the institute functioning. So Maurice and Renée, Georges, Marie-Henriette, Marie-Josée, Lucien and the others find unexpected resources in themselves to grumble, to say yes, to say no, to refuse to be simple care subjects. At more than 90 years old, they make projects and the nursing staff listen as much as it can. The documentary's directors stayed about two years at Lépine and managed to collect a rare speaking, sometime grave, often funny, in this old age too often reduced in being a charge for society.

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