Doc Martin

4 Seasons
Broadcast: TF1 / 2011 - 2015
Production : 2010 - 2015
6 x 52 min



Ego Productions
Pascale Breugnot


Thierry Lhermitte
Natalia Dontcheva


Jean-Michel Fages
Arnaud Selignac
Stéphane Clavier
Didier Delaitre
Jean-Pierre Sinapi
Francois Velle
Stéphane Kappes
Rodolphe Chauvin

Collection direction

Stéphane Kaminka

Executive producers

Pascal Wyn

Casting direction

Fabienne Bichet
Gwendale Schmitz




Dominique Delguste
Jean Pierre Halwachs
Christophe Colson

Production direction

Jean-Marie Laurens


Denis Champenois
Michel Eric


Hélène Deluze
Bénédicte Gelle
Anne Saïac


Season 4 recap:

Episode 1: The village of Port Garrec is about to welcome kids from its Lower Saxony twin town Hamelin. However, dead rats are found in the streets. Panic grows in the village, who fears a new plague epidemic, and the German kids eventually renounce to come to Port Garrec. Doc starts suspecting his own son Junior, who didn't want to go to Germany.

Episode 2: In order to go on honeymoon with Julie, Doc Martin went and found his locum doctor in Adriana Soupov; a gorgeous Russian woman, who, to cure Bernard Groslay’s depression episode, engages with him in a session of "hug-therapy". Upon seeing the two caress, smile, and kiss each other, the village is puzzled: how did Groslay manage to seduce such a hottie? What if this pretty Russian wasn’t a doctor, but a “professional”?

Episode 3: The honeymoon being cancelled, Julie kicks Martin and his son out of her house. Martin takes it hard, and starts having frequent migraines and visions. Some villagers seem to think that Martin became mad with love after his break-up, but others begin experiencing hallucination as well. What is going on?

Episode 4: Mrs Perez is the only candidate in the local elections and she supports the "Grand Quimper" real estate venture, backed by a Mr. Voizot. The villagers of Port Garrec, outraged against this project, seek a new candidate to stand against her. Doc Martin, by all indications, seems to be the perfect fit, but he refuses...Until Julie tells him that if "Grand Quimper" is executed, her flagship school project will be shut down. For the sake of Julie’s love, Doc Martin accepts to run as a candidate.

Episode 5: During a nocturnal orienteering, Julie swears she saw the silhouette of a were-wolf reflected by the full moon! This bizarre declaration puzzles Martin, were-wolfs simply do not exist. When a patient comes in his office, his entire body and face covered in fur, the Doc is not troubled and finds a rational explanation: his sweet tooth.

Episode 6: Bob, an old buddy from Medical school, comes by to visit Martin. He soon figures out the reason behind Martin’s exile: he has blood phobia and hid it from everyone. However, Bob has a solution: hypnosis. Can he cure Martin? The stakes are high: Julie has decided to leave for Canada to work as a headmistress for a flagship school… and she’s found a job for Martin as a surgeon at the local hospital!

Season 1 is available on DVD.

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