Les aventuriers du travail nomade (Mobile working adventurers)

France 5

Production : 2019



Employees without an office, mobile workers, freelances...they are the faces of a deep transformation of the working world, a growing phenomenon. Moile working, outside compagnies walls.
A work revolution that make some people dream and frighten others. Some see there a new step towards hapyness at work...free form hierarchy, able to be more autonomous. others see a new form of imprisonement and suffering at work with no seperation between professional and pesonal life, accaleration of working rythm, random remunerations and potentialy dangerous isolation.
Trhough men and women journeys, filmed on several month, this movie tells the life of those "mobile working adventurers" with its surprises, its traps and its disappointments.
By Delphine Prunault and Hugues Demeude.


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