Parcs nationaux, quand la nature fait recette (National Parc, when nature means profit)


Production : 2017
52 min



Ego Doc
Olivier Wlodarczyk
Avec la participation de :
France 5


Jean-Christophe Chatton


Hugo Monnet-Darras
Jean-Christophe Chatton


Serge Bunel


Jean-Pierre Guillerez
Jean-Christophe Hainaud
Bernard Cazedepats


Xavier Eymeric
David Imbault


Who would have thought that marmots, deers or ibexes can bring in hundreds of millions of euros, just by freely and peacefully living in their environment?
France has ten National Parks. Since their creation, from 1963, they preserve areas and species for generations to come. It is the essence of Parks.
However, what we might not know is that they often keep the local economy going.
Every year 9 millions of visitors admire the beauty of those preserved sites; people who are also customers who spend their money in transportation, hotels and restaurants. From the Mediterranean Sea to the Alpes, by way of the Guadeloupe and not forgetting to let opponents to those sanctuaries give their point of view, this movie offer to question ourselves: what if National Parks were after all a good investment bringing closer together ecology and good business ?
At Port-cros/Porquerolles Park for example, a recent study shows that 1 euro spent in environmental preservation bring back 14 euros to local economic actors.


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