Le mystère de la mort d’Hitler (The Mystery of Hitler's death)


Production : 2017



Ego Doc
Olivier Wlodarczyk
France 2 et Toute l’histoire


Jean-Christophe Brisard with the participation of Lana Parshina


Ivan Winogradsky


Julien Boluen
Maxence Kerebel


Xavier Eymeric


March 8, 1945 the Nazis surrender. Hitler committed suicide in his bunker to escape the Red Army’s soldier who came in to Berlin.
More than 70 years later, grey areas remain. What happened to his body? Did he really die in his bunker?
This documentary, like a cold case, is going to solve the last mysteries about Hitler’s corpse. To get to it, we call on one of the best experts on historical suspicious death. Philippe Charlier is a forensic scientist and an anthropologist. He already investigated Henry IV, Saint-Louis and Richard the Lionheart.
After two years of negotiations with Russian authorities, we managed to access confidential files registered in the military archives and Russian secret services. This is where are being hidden the last remains presented at Moscow as Hitler’s. Part of a skull and a jawbone. We are the first who have been able to scientifically study the teeth of this jawbone.
We were also able to reed and translate hundreds of pages of secret reports ordered by Staline about Hitler’s death.

A fascinating case that involve historical documents and leading edge scientific knowledge to answer the final questions about Hitler’s death.


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